Cargo Operative (Level ‘D’)

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The Cargo Operative (CO) Course is designed for those working in the warehouse and handling secure cargo (but not screening cargo). The CO course replaces the formerly know ‘Level D’ course. Drivers who also handle cargo and carry out any warehouse tasks should also attend the CO course.


– CO induction & refresher courses available.

– Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate recognised

   by the DFT/CAA which is valid for 2 years.

– Group & on-site training available.

– Prices from £43 to £78.

– Call for quotes.


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CO Induction

This is a 1 day course.

CO covers the following modules:

  1. The Threat to Aviation
  2. Aviation Security – Organisation and Legislation
  3. Protecting air cargo – Warehouse
  4.  Protecting air cargo – Drivers
  5.  Reacting To and Reporting of Suspicious Circumstances & Security Incidents
  6.  Security Controls for Air Cargo
  7. Warehouse Acceptance & Dispatch of Air Cargo
  8. Prohibited Articles
  9. Methods of Concealment

Note: This level of training should only be delivered where it is relevant to the person’s aviation security responsibilities.


CO Refresher

This is a ½ day course.

Refresher training is mandatory for all personnel holding Air Cargo Security certificates and needs to be undertaken at least every 24 months. This course is specifically designed for individuals who have originally attended one of the following courses:

  • Level D – Handling & Preparation of Air Cargo
  • CO – Cargo Operative (Regulated Agent)

Having attended an initial course in the past. Individuals are eligible to attend refresher courses bi-annually and should maintain records of their training for audit purposes. Any lapsed certificates are required to attend a full induction course.

Refresher CO covers the same modules as the induction courses.


**As a leading accredited training provider we train to the standards required by the CAA**


We are an approved CPC training centre and our approval number is CM00621/36